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All members, competitors and spectators must be made aware of the following rules and conditions,


All visitors must report to caretaker when entering grounds (except for while attending events).

  1. Only Members of Townsville Western Pleasure & Performance Horse Club Inc-Bartlett Park may use the grounds/arena. All riders must sign in and out (outside of planned events).
  2. Under age drinking will not be tolerated. Any underage competitor found to be drinking while at an ABCRA event will be reported to head office for disciplinary action as per their rules. All other offences will be dealt with by the executive committee.
  3. Any damages must be paid for or repairs made by the organising committee.
  4. Management accepts no responsibility whatsoever for camps, floats or vehicles and their contents, personal effects or any livestock or animals whilst they remain at Bartlett Park.
  5. Parents are responsible for their children’s conduct and behaviour. Any unruly behaviour or conduct will not be tolerated and any damages will be the responsibility of the parents.
  6. The Caretaker’s yard and animal enclosures are out of bounds, with all animals to be left undisturbed.
  7. No horses are allowed on the mound around the bar or around canteen area.
  8. The entire grounds are to be left as found with all rubbish disposed of properly in bins provider or taken away. Campers must keep their site clean and tidy. 
  9. Unacceptable cruelty to livestock and horses will not be tolerated on the Bartlett Park Grounds.
  10. All cattle that are unloaded at the grounds must also have a waybill provided to the committee.
  11. Committee must be notified and the stock/horse register must be completed before any stock is left at grounds.
  12. Everyone will adhere to the “Member Protection Policy”


  1. Drink driving or reckless driving in the Bartlett Park grounds are chargeable offences by law.
  2. All horses must be walked when outside the performance area and warm-up area. This includes walking around, to and from the camping area.
  3. All children (under 18 years) must wear a skull cap (Australian Standards Approved) anytime whilst mounted anywhere in the Bartlett Park grounds. The chin-strap must be securely fastened.
  4. Unaccompanied junior non competitors are not allowed behind the chutes and livestock area. Once the junior competitors have completed their event they must leave from behind the chutes.
  5. If you are not a competitor, helper or backyard worker you are not permitted behind the chutes.
  6. Horses known to kick must have a ribbon attached to their tail to notify others.
  7. Rodeo events are the only time juniors are allowed to ride stallions and must be accompanied by an adult at all times and must be led to and from their events. Juniors on stallions can only compete in one horse events and are not permitted to warm up their horse while others are using arena unless they are accompanied by an adult being led.
  8. All stallions must be double tied by neck strap on all grounds. Stallions will be allowed to be unrestrained in panel yards through daylight hours only. Stallions must be double tied at night. Panels must be a minimum of 1500mm high with a minimum of 4 bars. Panels must be constructed using a minimum of 25mm box or pipe. Panels must be anchored to a solid object, truck, post, tree etc. As per ABCRA rules.


  1. Dogs are permitted however they must be on a chain or lead and under the strict control of the owner at all times or they will not be allowed at the grounds. Dogs must not be let off the chain or lead at any time during an event. It is preferred that dogs not be brought to Bartlett Park.
  2. Floats, trailers and trucks are to be hosed out only in the designated hose-down area.
  3. All stock is to stay inside the Livestock Area.
  4. Horses must be stabled in the designated area. 
  5. All manure and feed from stabling areas must be cleaned up and taken away or left bagged, ready for removal by the caretaker.

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pdfMember Protection Policy

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