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ABCRA affilicated rodeo 23 June 2018


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 Blue on at Bartlett- Doing it for the cowboys.

This year will are changing things up and having a "Blue on at Bartlett"- Doing it for the cowboys for Prostate Cancer.
We will be holding time events with a feature bull ride.

To add a bit of fun to the day we will be holding two novelty events where $10 from each nomination goes to prostate cancer, so the more that nominate the more money we raise.
The two events are chute dogging and bikini barrel race. Before you all panic with the Bikini Barrel race, you must wear them over your clothes or you will be fined. This is open to men and women so start looking now, head to the local op shops and pic up something today. Remember its all for good fun.Winner takes all in both events. ABCRA have approved both of these events.

Fines on the day will be:
Competitors who don't wear blue $5
Hat coming off in the arena $2
Knocking over a drum $2
Not wearing a bikini $10, Please don't just pay the fine, have some fun.

We will be having a best presented horse and rider for the kids. So get those horses pimped out in Blue.


News years Eve 4B-Bulls, Barrels, Broncs & Bares. 31 December 2018

Entry Prices

Family $45, Adults $20, Children U17 $10, Children Under 10 FREE

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Sponsorship Opportunities

At Bartlett Park we have a variety of sponsorship packages available for all budgets for all of our rodeo events starting at $220.
If you are looking for something different you can sponsor a chute gate for the year or for just a rodeo, have the naming rights of the bar for the day, the options are endless.

So give Evelyn a call today on 07 4723 9402 to find our more information.

Major Sponsors

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